Maree Care

To maintain the quality of your Maree London adornment the following directions can applied to help prevent tarnishing and loss of shine.

  • Avoid wearing jewellery when using chemicals, creams and perfumes, salt water, makeup, chlorine & fake tan.
  • Polish you ML Jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth or appropriate method for your chosen metal or material.
  • Jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight as this can cause tarnishing.
  • When using jewellery clean solution always read the instructions as each product varies. Rinse with water and clean with a cloth or kitchen towel. Wear disposable gloves if you can & always wash and dry hands after use. To bring shine back use a polishing cloth.
  • Keep your jewellery in a fabric lined box or pouch to keep them protected from scratches and knocks, especially when travailing.


  • Enjoy 1-year warranty on all components of your ML jewellery. This excludes accidental damage and misuse.
  • Please retain your original receipt as proof of purchase to enjoy your warranty.