Single Rose Gold Love Heart

The Rose Gold Love Heart is the ultimate symbol of love.

  • – Rose Gold Love Heart Necklace
  • – Measurement 10mm x 12mm
  • – Optional to add more hearts
  • – Silver & Rose Gold Hearts
  • – Optional chain length
  • – Maree London Brand engraved


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A Single Rose Gold ‘Love Heart’. Add to your existing Maree London ‘Love Heart’ Necklace or a lovely addition to any necklace

The Rose Gold ‘Love Heart’ is one of 3 simple heart designs. ‘Love Heart’, Sweet Heart & Ture Heart. Designed with simplicity, while creating something unique with such an iconic symbol. The heart is worn loose on the chain, giving you the option to move the heart to different angles or wear on different chains. You can also add more hearts to your necklace, with each heart receiving more love.

The ‘Love Heart’ necklace is the ultimate symbol of love. This beautifully simple necklace has been handcrafted to the highest quality and is perfect for everyday wear. A design that will never date and will always be close to their heart.

The heart represents strength, purity, and devotion. This meaningful gift can be worn each day to remind your loved one how much they mean to you! This timeless delicate heart necklace will make the perfect romantic gesture or friendship gesture by encapsulating your love for the lucky recipient. Knowing you are there with them whenever you cannot be there in person.

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What is Vermeil

Maree London Vermeil Jewellery:

All of Maree London Vermeil pieces of jewellery are silver-based which is coated in 150% gold plate thick layers of 24 karat gold giving you a long-lasting piece of precious jewellery. Even though not recommended you can wear your piece of jewellery 24/7 in the shower & while you sleep. By doing this your piece of jewellery will eventually lose its shine and will have a vintage look like any other piece of solid gold jewellery would. To bring back the shine we only recommend using a jewellery cloth.

Precious/Value List:

  • 1st – Gold (Solid)
  • 2nd – Gold Vermeil
  • 3rd – Gold Filled
  • 4th – Gold Plated


What is Vermeil:

Pronounced “vr-may,” this material is a combination of silver and gold. The gold portion must be about 10 karats, however, depending on the thickness of the piece for which it is being used, it can be as much as 14, 18 or 24 karats. To the naked eye, it looks just like pure gold but is often less expensive and can be shined up to a gloss or left to tarnish for a more vintage look.

What is the difference between vermeil, gold filled & gold-plated:

Gold vermeil jewellery is where the base metal used must be sterling silver, which is much better for those who have skin allergies to other base metals. The silver is then gold-plated, but with a thicker coating, often as much as 50% thicker than a traditional gold-plated piece. While less expensive than solid gold jewellery, using this technique is still more expensive than either gold-plated or gold-filled, as the price of gold and sterling silver brings the cost up. So, by using silver and real gold plate, a piece of jewellery made in this way is a precious piece of jewellery.

Gold-filled jewellery. The base metal is still steel, brass or copper, but the outside of the piece bonds with sheets of gold, usually 14 karats. The sheets of 14 karats will not peel off as both metals are intertwined with each other. As the metals are intertwined there is not a layer on top to come away. Offering a less-expensive alternative to solid 14 karat gold.

Gold-plated jewellery is where the base metal used is steel, brass or copper which is then dipped in gold to create a thin layer coating. As the layer is so thin the gold is known to wear off, sometime very quickly. Anyone who is allergic to the base metal may experience a skin reaction, such as a black rubbing or rash if they are allergic to the base metal used underneath.

Care for Vermeil:

Since the finish can tarnish, the best way to protect it is with a soft cloth. It is best not to treat the finish with chemicals as the chemicals could removable the gold. All jewellery should be stored in an airtight container to keep its shine for longer.

Meaningful Gift For:

Anniversary gift,

Birthday gift,

Friendship gift,

Siblings gift

Childs gift

Parent gift,

Christmas gift,

Valentine gift,

Wedding gift for the one you love.

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